CIRO REFUND Terms and Conditions

1. The owner authorises CIRO Refunds:


1.1 To undertake investigation, searches and recovery procedures for any lost funds on behalf of the owner;

1.2 To accept such funds on behalf of the owner;

1.3 To deduct from those amounts 20% of the amount recovered plus GST in full payment for CIRO Refunds services;

1.4 To pay the balance to the owner’s account set out in Authority to Release form.


2. The owner promises:

2.1 That the identification details and documents are current, valid and correct;
2.2 Not to deal directly with the holder of the funds without first paying to CIRO Refunds the amount referred to at 1.3 above;
2.3 To pay CIRO Refunds in accordance with 1.3 above;

3. CIRO promises:

3.1 To try to find lost funds for the owner, and to send to the owner the net balance after deduction of the payment to CIRO Refunds referred to at 1.3 above;
3.2 To use documents and details provided by the owner only for the purpose of lost funds and otherwise in accordance with this agreement.
3.3 Every effort is made to return the funds within 9 weeks of receiving ALL correct documentation - CIRO Refunds and its employees are not responsible for any delays in processing the claim and accept no responsibility for any claim loss or liability arising from any such delay.

Acceptance of our service is automatic acceptance of all terms and conditions





Your privacy is important to Ciro Refunds. We know that keeping client information secure is a top priority. The information you provide is only used to secure the recovery of your money.


All Investigators employed by Ciro Refunds are committed to providing you with quality recovery services within a secure and private environment. This privacy statement provides information about the personal information that Ciro Refunds, and the ways in which Ciro Refunds uses that personal information.


Personal information collection


Your personal or company information about you which can identify you including your name, email address and contact details or any other information in order for us to make contact with you in order to have the required information to recover your unclaimed funds.


Using personal information


Ciro Refunds may use your personal information to contact you by email or phone to search for unrecovered funds that are owing to you and assist you in the recovery your lost or unrecovered funds.


Data retention


We only retain your company or personal data for as long as necessary for us to render a service to you for the recovery of your funds, except where otherwise provided by law.


Securing your data


Ciro Refunds do take considerable technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, or misuse of your company or personal information.




If you have any questions about this privacy policy or Ciro Refunds treatment of your personal information, please feel free to contact us via:

ABN: 18-68-664-138
ACN: 632664138


PO Box 65 Berridale NSW 2628



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